Wine Tastings

Don’t feel like hitting the beach on a summer’s afternoon? Pop into Zinfandel for one of our acclaimed Wine Tastings. At Zinfandel, we want to bring you closer to Croatian wines. We are not just passionate but also knowledgeable and trained wine drinkers! We don’t score our wines and we don’t judge your tastes. We give you the key to understanding Croatian wines so you can continue exploring long after the tasting is over.

Our selection of tastings will take you on a journey of Authentic Croatian grapes.

Sail along the Adriatic, exploring white wines that are only grown along the coastline and intact islands, or travel back in time discovering the routes of Croatian ‘loze’. Finally, through these complex grapes we explain the connection between a small coastal town only kilometres from our dedicated food & wine bar and the vastness of the Napa Valley. Red or White, fresh or Barrique, the choice is yours!

Our tastings are a great way to brush up on your dinner party skills, entertain clients or for just enjoying Croatian culture with your friends and family.

All tour operators, event planners, tourist agencies: we look forward to hearing from you to help plan your next tour groups, company function or family dinner!

Sample tastings:

Malvazija Benvennuti Vugava Lipanović Dillatum
Maraština Rak Maraština Rak Cuvee Sladić
Pošip Nerica Rose Volarević Plavac mali Volarević
Pošip Stina Dingač Radović Stina plavac mali barrique

Dinners & Events:

At Zinfandel, you can choose from a wide range of menu styles. Our experienced and dedicated Kitchen team cooks up a range of Croatian flavours and presents them as 21st Century interpretations. Once the menu is set, take advantage of our experienced Sommeliers who will pair your menu with our extensive range of local wines to create the ultimate dining experience.

At Zinfandel, food & wine bar creating a menu will be a key part of the process. Choose from our selection of sample menus, or let our team inspire your imagination. From tasting platters to 8-course dinners and everything in-between, we will be pleased to customise every detail to make your idea a reality.

Traditional or relaxed we can arrange a personalised menu according to your needs.

Zinfandel food and wine bar
Zinfandel food and wine bar
Zinfandel food and wine bar